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STEP 1Keratin Softening

  1. Step of softening the hardened keratin to remove it
  2. 01. Spray BANDI Switual Tonic Booster on feet and wet it enough.
  3. 02. Put the cotton pad on the area with lots of callus.
  4. 03. Wrap it to make the BANDI Switual Tonic Booster absorbs into skin well.
  5. 04. Leave it on for 10~15 minutes.
  6. 05. Remove the wrap and test that the keratin be removed or not by pedi file.
  7. 06. When the keratin is removed, remove the thick keratin with the red face of BANDI Metal Pedi File (1,000 grit).
  8. 07. File the small keratin with the blue face of BANDI Metal Pedi File (180grit).
  9. 08. Stop filing when keratin powder comes out.

Remove cuticle around toe nails while the keratin on sole of foot is softened.

STEP 2Removing remaining keratin

  1. Foot scrub to remove remaining keratin gently and refresh the skin with natural mineral scrub particle and herbal ingredient
  2. 01. Take a spoon of BANDI Switual Advanced Exfoliator using spatula.
  3. 02. Thoroughly rub top and soles of the foot, toes, and the parts between toes.
  4. 03. Rinse it with lukewarm water after exfoliation.

Make sure to remove the water at all before apply the gel polish on toenails.

STEP 3Foot Mask

  1. High nutrition & high moisturizing step to make feet soft and moist
  2. 01. Cut out the vinyl-packed pouch and take out the BANDI Switual Hydra Re-new mask.
  3. 02. Peel off the mask on both sides, wear the mask and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  4. 03. Remove the mask and gently tap remaining essence into skin.

STEP 4Massage

  1. Massage step that helps the blood circulation of easily swollen feet
  2. 01. Apply BANDI Switual Oil Sherbet Massage on technician’s hand using spatula.
  3. 02. Melt it with the body temperature of the technician and massage customer’s calves and feet gently.
  4. 03. Remove the remaining products with hot towel after massage.

Make sure to remove the water at all before apply the gel polish on toenails.

STEP 5Finishing

  1. Calm and nourishing step to relieve swelling
  2. 01. Take this step after nail polish dries at all.
  3. 02. Take an appropriate amount of BANDI Switual Soothing Finisher and gently massage customer’s calves and feet