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Lash Care&Extension


  1. Step to increase adhesion by removing oil and moisture
  2. 01. Allow the customer to lie down comfortably and prepare for the treatment
  3. 02. Show customer the menu to choose GILDAA design and select the design.
  4. 03. Using the anti-septic mist, the practitioner disinfects hand.
  5. 04. Spray the GILDAA precious primer onto the cotton swab.
  6. 05. Wipe inside out of the eyelashes with customer eyes closed.

STEP 2Fixing under eyelashes

  1. Step for providing elasticity to weak skin around eyes and fixing under eyelashes
  2. Open package of GILDAA Absolu Masque de Yeux Absolu Masque de Yeux, take off the films of eye patch and then attach with fixing under eyelashes.

Short under-eyelashes that are not fixed with patches are fixed with paper tape.

STEP 3Lash Treatment

  1. Step for preparation and attaching of lashes and glue
  2. 01. Take out tweezers from sterilizer and disinfect with anti-septic mist.
  3. 02. Shake GILDAA Precious glue gently 2~3 times and take an appropriate amount.
  4. 03. Take out a single line of precious lash.
  5. 04. Put glue on about 1/3 of lash.
  6. 05. Using two handed tweezers, split natural eyelashes with one hand and fix GILDAA lash on natural eyelashes with the other hand.
  7. 06. Check whether under eyelashes and upper eyelashes are overlap or crooked.
  8. 07. Check whether the lash is well attached or not by shaking it with tweezers.
  9. 08. Process the design chosen by the customer.

When attaching lash, attach 0.5mm apart from skin to avoid contact with flesh.

STEP 4Finishing

  1. 01. Dry around the eyes (30-40 seconds) with light wind.
  2. 02. Check whether under/upper eyelashes are well attached.
  3. 03. After finishing lash design treatment, remove eye patch.
  4. 04. Allow customer open his/her eye slowly.

Step for nourishing eyelashes.

  1. Steps to care by managing the eyelash growth cycle
  2. 01. Explain how to use eyelash nutrients to grow natural lashes and maintain strong eyelashes.
  3. 02. Cleanse the eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, etc. so that no residue remains.
  4. 03. Take an appropriate amount, apply it thoroughly apart 1 mm from the root of the lashes with brush.
  5. 04. Apply to the under eyelash area.

Be careful not to get into your eyes. After the nutrient application, sleep after dried completely.