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STEP 1Keratin Exfoliation

  1. Gel gommage treatment step that removes keratin by moisturizing to skin surface of hand
  2. 01. Take an appropriate amount of BANDI Switual Gel Gommage on customer’s hands.
  3. 02. Spread it on hands and remove keratin by handling.
  4. 03. Shake off the shed keratin from hands and wipe hands with hot towel.

In case of coloring with Gelique, do caring and gel coloring first, and then do the Hand spa treatment.

STEP 2Ampoule

  1. Step to nourishes the skin by promoting blood circulation with micro-thermotherapy
  2. 01. Take BANDI Switual Recovery Solution on customer’s hands.
  3. 02. Let customer smoothly rubs hands to absorb BANDI Switual Recovery Solution into skin.

It is much better that customers rubs hands by themselves because it is high-enriched ampoule so it is quickly absorbed into skin.

STEP 3Hand Mask

  1. Step to makes skin soft and glossy with silk-therapy effect
  2. 01. Wear BANDI Switual Nutro Vital Mask on both hands.
  3. 02. Leave on for 10~15 minutes to nourish.
  4. 03. Remove the mask and gently tap remaining essence into skin.

In case of taking mask pack and cuticle care at once, cut and remove the fingertips of the hand mask and do preparation (trim and cut) of gel treatment.

STEP 4Massage

  1. Regeneration massage step to control the balance of oil and moisture on skin and revitalize rough skin
  2. 01. Apply BANDI Switual Refining Massage on customer’s hands using spatula.
  3. 02. Massage customer’s hands, arms and elbows.
  4. 03. Wipe remaining BANDI Switual Refining Massage with hot towel after massage.

Make sure to remove remaining oil on nails before coloring.

STEP 5Finishing

  1. Moisturizing step by absorbing encapsulated moisture particles into skin
  2. 01. Take this step after nail polish dries at all.
  3. 02. Take an appropriate amount of BANDI Switual Water Drop Shield on hands and gently massage customer’s hands and arms.

Additionally apply BANDI Switual Hand Cream Nordic Deer if hands are too dry.